Reaching The Best Audience
In this difficult economy, organizations that need to communicate with their prospects are finding it more and more difficult to do so due to budget constraints. The costs associated with mass communications are increasing and are generally the first costs to be cut from the budget in these trying times. Communicating more effectively through targeted communications is the answer that will help organizations reach the right prospects at the right cost.

Like You - We Also Target
Hopewell Data Services has more than twenty years experience in database marketing. We have limited our focus over the past few years to providing support to organizations such as libraries and political campaigns. Click on our Services link to see how we help these organizations.

Does Hopewell Data Services Help Promote Small Businesses?
Although our main focus is in providing services to libraries and political candidates, we have and we do also support small businesses looking to promote their business through direct and email marketing campaigns. If you click on our Marketing Services link you will see how our business model can be applied to virtually anyone that needs to effectively communicate with a targeted audience. You can also click on our client list on the left side of this page to view the web site we developed for Even Stephens Entertainment.

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"...Hopewell Data Services is very knowledgeable about one of the most important parts of marketing – knowing your data! Once you know your data and truly understand what it is telling you, your marketing efforts will be much more effective. Marketing is much more than good graphics, it is good strategy based on good data."

Pat Moore, Antalek and Moore Insurance, Beacon NY

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